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Alternative medium wavy hairstyles are ones that stand apart from fashionable, conventional and classic hairstyles. They are best described as unusual, daring, bright, fun, avante-garde, and exaggerated- with elements of punk.

Often anything goes with an alternative hairstyle: the crazier the better. Medium wavy looks vary from full layered looks to unusual barrel twists. These styles are usually in very dark or light colors for extra intensity

If you want to feel free of fashion, then go for it. Or, if you want to bolster your marketing campaign, then an alternative hairstyle may be a good choice. But beware because most medium styles will take some work to change, particularly wild colors that may damage your hair (when stripped out or re-colored).

* Here the makeup look singer Christina Aquilera.She hot with red lipstick & black eyeliner & very look classy.